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Customer Reviews

"Got transmission problems? Go see Victor.
We were referred to Victor by another auto repair facility in Hopatcong, just a few minutes away. They told us that Victor does all their transmission work and can rebuild a transmission in as little as three hours since that's all he does, all day, every day. We showed up with a vehicle that was giving a warning for every piece of equipment involving the transmission. He took it for a drive, popped the hood, swapped out a fuse and that was it. We may have a problem in the future, but that seemed to fix it for now. He's very friendly, the shop is just like every other car shop, clean enough to be healthy, but you wouldn't want to sleep there. :)
Anyway, I highly recommend Victor if you're in the area and have a transmission issue. He really seems like a nice guy." - Pamela M.
"I was referred to Victor Dean's when my honda started having acceleration problems. From start to finish Victor & his team went above and beyond to fix my car and provide exceptional customer." - Stephanie M.
"Well like most people I get scared when transmission starts acting up. I myself am mechanically inclined , more than oil changes less them machining , but more than comfortable doing head jobs." - Danny O

Visit our auto service center in Stanhope, New Jersey, to have your car's transmission repaired.